1. Trollkyrkorundan 4,6 km

(about 3,5 hours)

The trail Trollkyrkerundan (“Troll’s Church loop”) begins and ends at the Main entrance. Part of the trail goes through difficult terrain. With the help of steps and railings, you hike through Tiveden’s dramatic rift valley terrain to Stora and Lilla Trollkyrka.

Fact sheet Trollkyrkorundan (pdf)





2. Stenkällerundan 2,2 km

(about 2 hours)

The trail is short, but part of it goes through difficult terrain. The trail Stenkällerundan begins and ends at the Main entrance and is the national park’s most popular trail. It leads to the large boulders around Stenkälla, and with the help of steps, you will ascend hills that provide views all the way to Lake Vättern.

Fact sheet Stenkällerundan (pdf)





3. Tärnekullerundan 1,3 km

(about 1 hour)

The trail is short, but part of it goes through difficult terrain. The Tärnekulle loop begins and ends at Vitsand and takes you through dark and damp spruce forest to large boulders and caves. You also will come to Tärnekulle’s dry and warm rocky ground, where pines and lichen predominate.

Fact sheet Tärnekullerundan (pdf)





4. Trehörningsrundan 9,5 km

(about 6 hours)

The longest trail in the National Park. It is nearly ten kilometers long and takes you all the way around Lake Stora Trehörningen, passing all the National Park entrances. Long stretches lead along the lake shore with spectacular views of the lake.

Fact sheet Trehörningsrundan (pdf)




5. Oxögabergsrundan 6,7 km

(about 4,5 hours)

A fairy long and partly demanding trail and takes you on a slightly longer trek through the Tiveden old-growth forests. From mossy, wet spruce forests and marshy valleys to typical capercaillie forests and barren rocks.

Fact sheet Oxögabergsrundan (pdf)





6. Mellannäsrundan 1,9 km

(about 0,5 hours)

The easiest trail that takes you out on the Mellannäs headland, a rolling esker with clearly visible remains of charcoal and tar production. Following this trail you will walk between the Stora Trehörningen and Lilla Trehörningen lakes.

Fact sheet Mellannäsrundan (pdf)





7. Junker Jägarerundan 2,8 km

(about 1,5 hours)

A fairly short but partly demanding trail. Vitsand is a great place for swimming but why not visit the Tiveden National Park and its boulder-strewn old-growth forests. The trail up to Junker Jägare’s Boulder is easy and the boulder is well worth a visit.

Fact sheet Junkerjägarerundan (pdf)





8. Vitsandsrundan 0,9 km

(about 0,5 hours)

The trail is not yet marked but follows parts of existing paths as follows: hike the eastern trail on Tärnekullerundan (orange) until the Vitsands caves, the you walk eastwards on unmarked path. On the other side of the road you will find the Junkerjägarerundan (white), which you follow south to Entré Vitsand.





9. Stigmansrundan 4,2 km

(about 3 hours)

Stigman’s loop begins and ends at the Main entrance. The trail takes you to dramatic Stigman’s Pass, where the route through the national park leads through a narrow rift valley with steep precipices on both sides.

Fact sheet Stigmansrundan (pdf)



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